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Off-Campus Access

How to gain access to library e-resources remotely.


The new OpenAthens authentication method enables active UNIC students, faculty and staff to gain off-campus access to e-resourses using their UNIC email credentials.


OpenAthens: UNIC email credentials

Username: UNIC email (Provided during your first registration. Check your Profile on UNIC Portal, if you don't remember it)

Password: (Provided for Student Intranet upon first registration)

If you forgot your password, you can contact the Computer Center (+357 22 367000,

How to Sign In (Library website)

It is very simple to login via OpenAthens. You just need to click on the desired resource (database, eBook, eJournal) found on the library website and login using your UNIC email and password.


Below you will see an example on how you can gain access using the UNIC Library Search, the tool that allows you to search simultaneously most of the library resources.

  1. Conduct a search using the search box found on the library home page

  1. Select "Hello Guest! Login for full access." at the top of your results screen.

  1. Select your status (Student, Faculty, Staff)

  1. Login using your UNIC email and password.

  1. You will be re-directed to the results screen. You now have full-text access to all available library resources.

  1. Once you’ve logged in with one site/source, you probably will not need to log in again unless you’ve ended your browser session.

How to Sign In from Anywhere

Open Athens allows you to authenticate your login credentials anywhere on the internet with an Open Athens sign in. This means that if you have found an article during a Google search, your access can be authenticated at the vendor's website.


You will need to locate the sign-in area if you do not go through the library website. Usually the Sign in or Log in option appears in the top right corner of the screen.

Below you will see an example. The images are from the Springer platform.

  1. Click on Log in/Sign in option

  1. Select the OpenAthens option (Institutional login)

  1. Find and select the University of Nicosia from the institutions list.

  1. Choose category (if needed) and log in with your OpenAthens credentials (UNIC email & password)

  1. You will be re-directed to the source page. If the Library subscribes to the source, you will have full-text access to the content.

  1. Once you’ve logged in with one site, you probably won’t need to log in again unless you’ve ended your browser session.