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Electronic & Print Books Search

To find a print book or an eBook, you can use the UNIC Library Search tool by following the steps below.


  1. Enter the title of the book in the search box found on the library webpage


  1. If needed, use the Advanced Search option and/or the Filters (found on the left of your results list) to make your search more specific


  1. If the book you are looking for is available in electronic form (eBook), you can choose the full text oprtion provided (PDF Full Text or Full Text Finder) to open and read the full-text


  1. If the book you are looking for is available in print form and it is feasible for you to visit the Library, you can borrow it or use it whithin our premises


  If you cannot visit the Library to use print materials, when you type your search terms (step 1 above) remember to choose E-Resources (from the dropdown menu on the right of the search box), to retrieve only electronic results available to use right away, wherever you are.