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Library Services & Resources for Faculty Members

Book Orders

Faculty is requested to contact the Library to ensure that the required/ recommended materiall for each course is available to students.


Use the new Book Ordering Form on the library website to add the details of the books you use for your courses (required & recommended) in order for the Library to ensure that the bibliography assigned is available for students. The Library will check availability of the requested titles within the collection and will make any effort to find and obtain the unavailable material in either electronic or print form.

In order to obtain the needed bibliography before the beginning of the semester (so that it is accessible by students in time), please kindly submit the form before the beginning of the new semester.

The Library provides a big number of eBooks, which is the ideal type of material, especially for online courses. If you find any relevant material that can be used either as required or recommended reading, please add them on the dedicated section on the above form. We will ensure that these titles will remain available for students and send you the permalinks to use on your Course Outlines.

For further assistance, please contact Emilia Theodoulou (tel.: 22842105,