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Library Services & Resources for Faculty Members

Suggest appropriate sources for specific topics/projects

Students should be strongly encouraged to use Library resources and to also be aware of how and where they can get help.


The Library currently provides access through subscription to more than 200 databases, e-journal collections and e-book collections, which contain millions of journal articles, e-books and other scholarly sources. In addition, print material can be found in the Library. This creates a complicated environment for most students and maybe for some researchers.

It is very important that faculty guide their students on how to use credible sources (databases, e-journals etc.) when starting their research on a specific topic.

Assess references used in student assignments

 Various student evaluations and feedback revealed that many students do not make use of the Library sources when preparing research projects.


Faculty are advised to include a list of appropriate/reliable information sources (i.e. UNIC Library, other open access sources) in their Course Assessment Guide. They should also assess the references used in course assignments to safeguard that they are reliable, recent and relevant

Training Sessions for Students

To book a training session for your students or for more information, please contact: Georgia Christodoulou (