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Health Library guide to Referencing & Reference Management

A guide to writing up your assignments & how to create & manage your references in Harvard or Vancouver Style using RefWorks for free at UNic

To keep track of your research, create a RefWorks account  to save article citations from UNIC databases, online journals, Google Scholar, Scopus etc., in one place. Once your citations are saved, you can instantly create your end of paper reference list and you can insert correctly formatted citations into your document as you write.

Free to all students & faculty at UNic, PQ RefWorks is a web-based reference management tool that allows you to:

  • collect, organize, store & share bibliographic references by importing them from web-based data services or our online catalogue or by entering manually
  • insert correctly formatted citations into your paper using Reference Citation Manager (RCM) add-on in Microsoft Word 2016,  or newer versions including Word on Microsoft 365, or, for older versions of MSWord, install Write-N-Cite. 
  • generate your bibliographic reference list automatically in Harvard or Vancouver style...and many other styles as well. 

Using ProQuest Refworks

1. From the University of Nicosia Library website, select RefWorks under Quick Links


2. At  top of page, select 

3. At top of this page, see 

4.  Select Create Account  on sign in page & enter your UNic School Email Address. Select Check to be authenticated..

5. Enter a password & Sign up.

6. Go to your UNic email account to find the link to activate your new PQ RefWorks account

Use UNic Library Search to find articles on any subject:

To send  one article to RefWorks, open title link to view details > select Export on right side of page > Export to Refworks >Save

To save more than one article to RefWorks from your search, click folder on right of each title > open at top of search page> check next to each article to send  > Select Export > Export to Refworks > Save


STEP ONE Complete your article search on PubMed and save your results on your computer.

There are different saving methods in PubMed.

Send to Citation Manager 

1. Check items to send & 2. select  Send to > Citation Manager >3.Select OK to save in your downloads file.


 Save Method 

1. Click on Save > 2. Choose a result set type to save > 3. Choose a format to save: PubMed format is best for import to RefWorks

STEP 2 Import your citations into RefWorks

Open your refworks account & click on the +

Select Import References



Import to RefWorks

How can I insert citations from PQ RefWorks into my MS WORD Document

RCM syncs with your UNIC RefWorks account so you can quickly access your reference list to add in-text citations while you write & create the corresponding reference list at the end of your paper. It is advisable to gather your references in RW before you begin to write.

Note that when you are signed in to your UNIC Office 365 account,  you will find RCM already installed in the MSWord app that is included in the 365 package.